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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

European NanoThoughts

A European Nanoforum revealed the following common attitudes among participants:

-nanotechnology will have a strong impact on European industry and its citizens within only ten years from now;

-the US is seen as the leader whereas Europe lags behind in both nanosciences and the transfer of nanotechnology to industry;

-nanotechnologies are believed to have the strongest impact on: chemistry and materials, information and communications technologies and healthcare;

-strong support for a significant increase in research funding for nanotechnologies via the framework programme;

-support for creation of European infrastructures in the field and a number of suggestions stressing the need for cross-disciplinary infrastructures;

-a shortage of skilled research personnel foreseen in 5-10 years and there is a need for interdisciplinary skills;

-health, safety and environmental risks should be integrated early into research;
-the societal impact of nanotechnology needs to be taken account from an early stage and more communication and dialogue is needed;

-an international ‘code of good conduct’ would be welcomed.

These thoughts were gleaned from 750 responses 93% Europe with one third from Germany and the UK.


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