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Friday, January 14, 2005

Ohio Hits the Small Time

The Ohio Nanotechnology Summit (Here is the Governors announcement) will be held March 2-3, 2005 at the Hope Hotel and Conference Center, Patterson Air Force Base

Big nano-names are coming; the speakers and presenters include:
Dr. Rick Smalley , Rice University
Dr. Liming Dai, Wright Bros. Institute Chair for Nanomaterials, Univ. of Dayton
Phil Kuekes, Hewlett Packard Labs
Prof. James Lee, Director, NSF NSEC for Affordable Nano Bio Products & Devices
Prof. Mauro Ferrari, OSU/NCI
Mark Cooper, Copernicus Therapeutics
Mark Brandt, The Maple Fund
Art Zucker, Ohio University
Alan Brown, VP, Chief Technology Officer, CAMP Inc.
Scott Rickert, President, CEO NanoFilm
Richard Schorr, President MetaMateria Partners
Roger Avakian, Chief Technology Officer, PolyOne Corp.

The objectives of the meeting are to:

-capture a sense of what is happening in nanotechnology around the state in industry, academia and Ohio-based federal labs;
-foster and promote collaborations within the state that will lead to positive economic outcomes based on nanotechnology; and
-hear a national perspective on nanotechnology from prominent experts in the nanotechnology arena.

The summit will begin with a nanobasics primer or a tour of nanotechnology labs at the Air Force Research Laboratory Materials Directorate (sorry the link may not work).

I will be there (hopefully presenting a poster on what nanobusinesses need to do to protect their investment in research and development). The first ten people to track me down and use the word NanoPundit will get a free drink at the hotel bar on Wednesday night.


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