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Friday, February 04, 2005

Business Week Discovers Nano

Business Week Magazine has a number of articles on nanotechnology.

Nanotech's Heartland Lift
Cleveland's Five Star Technologies is the kind of new company that's proving the Rust Belt can become part of the Next Big Thing

Why the Old Rules Don't Apply
At the nano scale, familiar materials can do things they couldn't do before

Rebuilding Things "Atom by Atom"
Nanoscience expert Chad Mirkin discusses the promise of supersmall materials, what breakthroughs are likely, and what's just hype

The Skinny on Nanotubes
Theoretically perfect for the chips of tomorrow, these complex carbon structures have a problem: They're almost impossible to work with

The Vast Potential of Very Small Things
Nanotechnology promises medical care tailored explicitly and exactly to the individual, says the physicist and entrepreneur Michael Roukes

Nanotech: Universe In A Grain Of Sand
Scientists are finding that ultratiny materials behave in unexpected ways.

Mega Questions About Nanotech
Rice's Kristin Kulinowski on the thorny biological and environmental issues

Nanotech: Beyond the Hype -- and Fear
Kristen Kulinowski's job at the Center for Biological & Environmental Nanotechnology is "to draw attention to proactive, responsible development"


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