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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cypress Dump's MRAM

Cypress Semiconductor to dump MRAM (Magnetic Random Access Memories) unit.

"Based on our latest calculations at Cypress, we no longer believe that the 1T-1MTJ MRAM technology will be able to successfully attack the SRAM market, leaving MRAM as a niche technology with higher bit pricing than that of SRAM. While a niche MRAM business could be a profitable addition to Cypress's portfolio of products, we currently have more attractive places to invest than in the capital-intensive MRAM business.”

Wow. I’m shocked that they are moving out of this market. The folks a Cypress are pretty smart so there must be some pretty substantial barriers to lowering the cost/bit in MRAM.

MRAM technology leader NVEC took a pretty big
hit on the news.


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