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Thursday, February 10, 2005

NanoClarity to NanoRank

NanoClarity announces a rating of all nanotech companies. The companies will be rated on: company business model, where a company is on the nanovalue chain, the need for additional investment and other measures. NALA rates the next 2 – 4 years of company operation. This looks interesting but probably falls into NanoBot’s “that's how you build buzz and sell paper” category. You can subscribe to NanoClarity here. Everybody’s doing it.

Alan Shalleck, publisher of NanoClarity, the new nanotechnology monthly newsletter, announced today that NanoClarity will rate each promising nanotechnology company on its outlook for “sustainable profitability” using NanoClarity’s proprietary “NALA* Index” rating system. NanoClarity is distributed over the Internet at A company’s NALA* Index will be available only to NanoClarity’s subscribers. Mr. Shalleck said, "To date no one has evaluated investment in nanotech companies based on “sustainable profitability” … the only evaluation that makes investing sense. I expect a company’s NALA* Index to become a standard measure for all nanotechnology investors.”


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