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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Massachusetts Biggest in Nano

Boston Globe Says “Mass. tops in nano, but execs worry.” The article states , Massachusetts ranks as the biggest state in the nation for nanotechnology activity as reported by Lux Research Inc. The study rates the Massachusetts number 1 in terms of “number of nanotech companies, patents, research activity, commercial applications and other factors.” California and Colorado follow in the spots 2 and 3. I would guess that Massachusettts leadership is in large part due to nanostarts from MIT.

The article appears to be planted by the Massachusetts Nanotech Exchange (sorry no link) to press for construction of a prototype fabrication center.

local industry officials, nervous about Massachusetts losing its lead, are in the early stages of pushing the fabrication center, where prototype nanotech products can be built and tested before commercial manufacturing.

Mass. is inevitably going to loose its dominant position. They got the jump on the rest of the country through the work at MIT. The
National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network gets up to speed with centers for:

Electron transport in Molecular Nanostructures-
Columbia University
Nanoscale Systems in Information Technologies- Cornell University
Nanoscience in Biological and Environmental Engineering- Rice University
Integrated Nanopatterning and Detection- Northwestern University
Nanoscale Systems and Their Device Applications- Harvard University
Directed Assembly of Nanostructures- Rensselaer
Nanobiotechnology- Cornell University
Scalable and Integrated Nano Manufacturing- UCLA
Templated Synthesis and Assembly at the Nanoscale- University of Wisconsin- Madison
Molecular Function at the NanoBio Interface-
University of Pennsylvania
High-Rate Nanomanufacturing- Northeastern University
Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymer of Polymer Medical Devices- The Ohio State University
Integrated Nanomechanical Systems-
U.C., Berkeley
Probing the Nanoscale- Stanford University


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