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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Forbes Names Top Ten NanoProducts

Forbes Magazine reports its TOP 10 NanoProducts and they are a big disapointment. They include:

Dental Adhesive (3M)
Super Hydrophobic Spray (BASF)
Nanosilver Wound Dressing
Foot Warmers
Washable Bed Mattresses
Golf Balls and a “Nano” Driver
Automotive Glass Treatment
Military Grade Disinfectant
Joint & Muscle Pain Cream
Nano Skin Care

Aside from the first three on the list, I refer to my comment

[An] important point is to introduce the American public to the benefits of nanotechnology. As I write I am wearing a nanoshirt, nano-stain fighting is great but it is not the kind of killer application that drives a society to change or accept any risk. We need to get out to the hustings and teach people about the potential benefits of nanotechnology. Lets push breast cancer cures, fuel cells and terabyte memory, not shirts.


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