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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Small Times Calls California the Biggest in Nano

The good folks at Small Times rank the states that are biggest in nanotechnology. Specific numbers were listed for California (100), Massachusetts (88.27), with the rest of the top ten between 20-40 (in order, New Mexico, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Texas, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Ohio). The rankings were based on:

-Industry, which measures the amount of micro and nanotechnology business that exists in a state

-Research, which measures the amount of research activity in a state as well as its resources.

-Venture capital, or the amount and number of private financing deals in a year.

-Innovation, which includes patenting and success at landing federal funding for commercializing products.

-Work force, which examines the quantity and quality of the labor pool.

-Costs, which encompasses salaries, commercial rents and other factors that affect business costs.

Small Times accounts for the overwhelming size of California by using business density as a factor in the rankings. While California twice the micro and nano companies, Massachusetts wins out in terms of business density.

It will be interesting what reaction state governments have and what efforts are made to improve a states standing. My thought is that outside California and Massachusetts V.C. funding is a major barrier for moving up in the rankings and state action is not a reasonable remedy.

The full results will be in the March issue of Small Times. If you
subscribe online you can get the March issue in print. (And no, I get nothing for providing this link.)


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